Sights, for S&W M&P Shield, Rear Fixed Charger Black, by Dawson Precision

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Smith Wesson
MP Shield
Charger Fixed Rear
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  1. Shield Charger rear sight

    Posted by Richard Whalen on Jul 19th 2019

    Perfect for racking on pocket, belt or whatever is handy. Didn’t need to file anything. Just used my trusty sight pusher. I am very happy with this purchase!

  2. Much better than stock sights

    Posted by Luke on Mar 31st 2018

    I bought the shield charger rear to replace the standard three dot stock sights. I am very impressed. The sight looks great and the charger feature definitely works well. The corners are also rounded unlike the stock ones which kept cutting holes in my clothes. The installation was tough, mainly because I had to file a lot of material off the dovetail. Be careful to protect the charger side when you are filing as it is easily scratched. Eventually I just powered it in with a sight pusher, but it definitely isn't coming out again anytime soon! All in all a great product and I will definitely purchase again. I like that they included a hex key and an aluminium punch with the sight for installation. Also Free shipping and quick delivery!

  3. Simplistic Perfection

    Posted by Paul on Jun 9th 2017

    The pictures don't do this sight justice. It's awesome. I decided to switch my Shield from night sights, to a fiber front to better accommodate my middle-aged eyes. So at the same time I decided to switch from a Warren tactical rear sight and try the Charger.

    The U-notch rears may be all the rage right now, but I could tell immediately upon installation that I like the simple square notch and serrations of the Charger much better.

    Additionally, the Charger has an awesome serrated front ledge for racking. It looks very minimal, but it works great. I am able to easily rack it on my belt, jeans pocket, etc.

    Overall the profile and size of this sight is perfect for carry. No sharp edges or angles to cut you when you draw from a concealed holster, but once on target it gives you the sight picture and feel of a full size target gun. Combined with a Dawson fiber front sight it works great.

    In conclusion, this sight has a very simplistic, yet well thought out design that works very well. I have tried AmeriGlo, HIVIZ, Warren, and some others, and the Charger is by far the best of the bunch. With a rear sight I have learned to just keep it simple, uncluttered and functional; and the Charger fits the bill perfectly.

    For reference, I am running a Shield with a Dawson fiber front that is .100W x .160H with a plain black Charger rear that has a .145W notch x .245H.