Sights, for S&W Pinned, Front Fiber Optic, by Dawson Precision

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Is there really a difference with Dawson Precision sights? You bet there is! While other sights give off a hazy glow making it difficult to focus, DP sights offer you the sharpest picture. We counterbore the blade so the optic is recessed. This subtle difference focuses the light in the sight making it not only brighter, but clearer. A fully cradled optic provides a longer optic lifespan.

  • Counter Bored Optic Keeps Sight Picture Clear and Bright
  • Dark Shadow Serrations Blackout Blade and Enhance Optic
  • Extra Optic Included - Both Red and Green
  • Easy to Install - Instructions Included

Don't Forget The Loctite

Perfect Impact Sight Guarantee



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  1. 686 Performance Center

    Posted by Nate Elliott on Dec 13th 2021

    Just got mine in the mail and it does not work for this model. I have a 686-6 PC Plus.

  2. Pinned Front Sight on S7W Model 66

    Posted by Jack B on Apr 8th 2020

    That was a change for the better. Average level skills and took about 15 mins. Perfect fit, No problems Great Sight

  3. S&W Pinned Fiber Optic Front Sight

    Posted by David McGrew on Mar 16th 2019

    This sight is awesome, very bright
    I used the 125 x 270 on my 686 plus with 4 inch barrel. Used a 52 bit to drill hole. Most say use 54. Use 52 to begin with and see if that works. My experience a smaller bit is better to try first because it will naturally make a larger hole. Drill from both sides half way in to avoid missing the opposite hole. Used a sewing machine needle cut off on the end as a punch. It is hard steel and worked perfect

  4. Great Sight

    Posted by Lou Peragallo on Feb 5th 2019

    Great sight and service. Order received very quickly.

  5. Fiber optic front sight

    Posted by Tim Harper on Feb 4th 2019

    For aging eyes, there's none better than these DP FO front sights on your handguns. I always go with the .100 wide for maximum daylight on each side of rear sight . Highly recommend, and top quality.

  6. S&W pinned fiber optic

    Posted by Billy Miller on Jan 30th 2019

    Awesome sight, greatly improved my 617.

  7. Fibre optic front sight

    Posted by Ronnie Swire on Dec 11th 2018

    Perfect fit and easy to install. Quality product. Wish it came with the pin.

  8. S&W pinned front sight

    Posted by Frank Monchun on Nov 26th 2018

    Good sight, BUT, why isn't it drilled for the pin ?

  9. Works great, fits great

    Posted by David on Oct 29th 2018

    This is not my first Dawson fiber optic front sight and it won't be my last. It is high quality and precise. It is easily fitted to the gun with minimal effort.