Trigger, for 1911 Pistols, Aluminum, by Cylinder & Slide, Inc.

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1911/2011/Hi-Cap All Makes
1911 Single Stack
Perfect Impact Guarantee

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Using a Long Trigger:

  • Used to make the shooter place the trigger finger properly on the trigger so that when pulling the trigger the force is directed straight to the rear so as not to disturb the sight alignment.

Using a Short Trigger:

  • The same length as the standard trigger usually used in carry guns.

Using an Aluminum Trigger

  • Reduces the chance of trigger bounce causing the hammer to follow when you close the slide by releasing the slide stop and letting the slide slam closed.


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  1. Massive improvement

    Posted by Andrew on Mar 14th 2016

    Could not be happier with my new trigger. I bought the medium length solid trigger with the over travel stop and it vastly improved the look and feel of my 1911.

    I did have to fit the trigger to the gun but that is expected, and is the reason it feels so solid. Took a few swipes on 2000 grit sandpaper top and bottom, check fit often, use grease not oil.