Hand Soap, for Cleaning, D-Lead®, 8 oz., by ESCA Tech, Inc.

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As shooters, we are exposed to lead practically every day. According to OSHA, "Lead adversely affects numerous body systems and causes forms of health impairment and disease that arise after periods of exposure as short as days (acute exposure) or as long as several years (chronic exposure). The frequency and severity of medical symptoms increases with the concentration of lead in the blood.

Common symptoms of acute lead poisoning are loss of appetite, nausea, vomiting, stomach cramps, constipation, difficulty in sleeping, fatigue, moodiness, headache, joint or muscle aches, anemia, and decreased sexual drive. Acute health poisoning from uncontrolled occupational exposures has resulted in fatalities. Long term (chronic) overexposure to lead may result in severe damage to the blood-forming, nervous, urinary, and reproductive systems." And for children, it's even worse: "Exposure to lead can have a wide range of effects on a child's development and behavior. Even when exposed to small amounts of lead levels, children may appear inattentive, hyperactive and irritable.

Children with greater lead levels may also have problems with learning and reading, delayed growth and hearing loss. At high levels, lead can cause permanent brain damage and even death." And most importantly, from Kathryn Picoulin BSN, ND, PhD: "Lead is a cumulative poison that has an affinity for the neurological system, but damages all systems in the body by disrupting the function of enzymes. This is especially true in young developing children." "If lead exposure is allowed to continue symptoms of neurological damage, such as, learning disabilities, decreased attention span, mental apathy and mental dullness become more apparent." "It is estimated that adults absorb only 10 % of the lead that they ingest. Children absorb at least 50 %. This is crucial since the brain and nervous system has not fully developed in the child."

Wow, that's some nasty stuff. But here's the good news: You can dramatically reduce your exposure to lead by using a quality lead-removing product. We have chosen the products from ESCA Tech because they are the best out there. D-Lead® Hand Soap quickly and efficiently removes heavy metal dusts, lead and contaminants from the skin and hands. The mild formula with skin conditioning coconut oil is designed for frequent clean up throughout the day.

Fast acting and economical D-Lead® Hand Soap is the hand and skin care choice for cleanup anywhere rinse water is available. A bottle of D-Lead Hand Soap should be in each and every shooter's range bag as well as at the sink closest to your reloading area. It's that important!

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  1. D-Lead gets the job done

    Posted by Ron V on Mar 4th 2018

    Best d-leading soap on the market and DP is the place to buy it.

  2. For anyone who shoots...

    Posted by Johnny on Mar 24th 2017

    Lathers easily and does not leave a sticky residue or anything after. I use it after I am done shooting every single time.

  3. Useful For Any Handloader

    Posted by Nathan Handwerker on Feb 19th 2017

    Purchased this product to helped remove grime and lead buildup after reloading sessions. Product works exactly as advertised, removes lead and grime buildup from bullets and reloading components right away. The bottle is larger than shown in the photo plus a little bit goes a long way. I've been so pleased with this soap that I've been using it after all of my firearm cleaning sessions, too.