Towels, for Cleaning, D-Wipe®, 40 Count, by ESCA Tech, Inc.

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D-Wipe® Towels are the convenient, portable way to clean metals dust from the hands, arms, face and body.

Soft towels are pre-moistened with a gentle pH balanced skin cleaning solution. This solution neutralizes the static charges of metal dust while lifting and binding them to the fabric for quick removal from the skin without rinsing or smearing.


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  1. Fantastic

    Posted by Brad Augustin on Jul 11th 2024

    I use these after every range trip. It cleans your hands nicely when you can’t get to a sink to wash up.

  2. Cleans Great

    Posted by Unknown on Mar 16th 2016

    Theses are great to use to clean hands after reloading especially when using coated or lead bullets. Also good to keep in range bag for the end of the day.