Sight, for Ruger® GP100® Revolvers, Fiber Optic Front, by Dawson Precision®

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Ruger GP100
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Is there really a difference with Dawson Precision® sights? You bet there is!

While other sights give off a hazy glow making it difficult to focus, Dawson Precision® sights offer you the sharpest picture. We counterbore the blade so the optic is recessed. This subtle difference focuses the light in the sight making it not only brighter, but clearer. A fully cradled optic provides a longer optic lifespan.

Sight Details:

  • FITS GP100® and Redhawk® Series revolvers.
  • Counter Bored Optic: Keeps sight picture CLEAR and BRIGHT.
  • Dark Shadow Serrations: BLACKOUT blade and ENHANCE optic.
  • Extra Optic Included - Both Red and Green

**Ruger® GP100® revolver models with a dovetail cut will need to use Dawson Novak Cut sights!

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  1. Bright sight!

    Posted by Brian Rothenberger on Nov 21st 2020

    Easy to pick up the red dot. I got the 125 width and glad I didn't go smaller. Only 4 stars because I had to do some filing to make fit. Only took about a minute but should of fit right out of the box.

  2. Ruger GP100 Fiber Optic Front Sight .300 for .44 Special

    Posted by Ted Clutter on Dec 13th 2019

    Gun from Lipseys shot too high out of the box, even with rear sight bottomed out. Original sight .265 replaced with custom .300 shoots great! Rear sight adjustment precisely in middle of range with 240/6.5 Unique handloads. I am a happy camper. Thanks Dawson!

  3. .300" sight

    Posted by 6" GP100 on Feb 3rd 2019

    Fit perfectly, retained same point of impact, MUCH easier to see and use. Will purchase again for my RedHawk

  4. Ruger GP100 Front Fiber Optic sight

    Posted by Robert F. Adams on Dec 25th 2018

    Sight change was easy. I like the help the fiber optic sight gives finding the sight. Although it may not affect the sight performance there is a small light gap between the barrel and the under side of the sight . I have not shot the gun yet.

  5. Dawson Precision Ruger GP100 Revolver Fiber Optic Front Sight

    Posted by Wayne Oatman on Dec 24th 2018

    Installation was a snap and its way better for hunting in dim light, even with the red rod that came with it. After hunting season is over, I will try the green rod.


    Posted by becken on Dec 10th 2018

    Had to slightly file to get a very snug fit. The sight is very clear now and the sight height calculator was right on. This is a very good product and I would recommend it to anyone with a GP100 revolver.

  7. Ruger SBH hunter-Excellent

    Posted by Derek on Sep 5th 2018

    (initial unfired review)-I used to have a now discontinued true glow front sight on my ruger super blackhawk hunter. I took a couple of deer with this sight but was never comfortable withe the over 40 yards shots. I did OK at 50 yard silhoutte but still not feeling 50 yard confident. I loaded up some 300 gr XTPs to about 900 fps for hogs and when sighting these in I was shooting 12" high at 25 yards. In my search for a higher front FO sight I came across this one. It is now fitted and unfired. I love this sight. The dot is smaller and more precise. The sight is the perfect width And I think i will be spot on with 300 gr bullets at 50 yards. Way better than the $30 sight I had. I wish I found this first.
    It fits great, nice and tight with zero wiggle, feels strong with excellent quality, and the light pipes can be switched to green for hunting!

  8. Great replacement front sight

    Posted by Kenneth on Aug 29th 2018

    Was a snap to install, fit was perfect. makes the front blade very easy to see with my old eyes.

  9. GP100 Match Champion 10mm

    Posted by Robert on Aug 21st 2018

    200 grain bullets were hitting 4" high at 32 yards with the rear sight adjusted all the way down.
    I used the front sight calculator on Dawson's web site to figure what height front sight to order. I ordered the .300" tall sight and it worked perfectly.
    Thank you Dawson Precision for offering such great products.