Sight, for Ruger® Mark IV™ 22/45 Lite™ Pistols, Fiber Optic Front, by Dawson Precision®

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Ruger Mark IV 22/45 Lite
Fiber Optic
Perfect Impact Guarantee

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Is there really a difference with Dawson Precision® sights? You bet there is!

While other sights give off a hazy glow making it difficult to focus, Dawson Precision® sights offer you the sharpest picture. We counterbore the blade so the optic is recessed. This subtle difference focuses the light in the sight making it not only brighter, but clearer. A fully cradled optic provides a longer optic lifespan.

Sight Details:

  • FITS Ruger® Mark IV™ 22/45 Lite™ pistols.
  • Counter Bored Optic: Keeps sight picture CLEAR and BRIGHT.
  • Dark Shadow Serrations: BLACKOUT blade and ENHANCE optic.
  • Extra Optic Included - Both Red and Green

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    Posted by David on Feb 23rd 2019

    Nice fit, highly visible site. My last site was too big and nearly covered the entire plate. These sites are smaller, allowing better accuracy

  2. Great for a Ruger Mark IV Lite.

    Posted by Matthew Wallace on Feb 1st 2019

    400 x .100 fit perfect on the front sight. use the factory screw. took about 2 mins to change out -- and replaced factory red to the yellow color. and what an amazing difference. very well made and highly recommended!

  3. Great upgrade

    Posted by Mike on Jan 18th 2019

    High quality piece. Great upgrade for target acquisition. It's what my ruger should've had out of the box.

  4. The sight was easy to install. Shot a .22 stell match and it was perfect.

    Posted by Sally on Jan 13th 2019

    I enjoyed shooting with this sight. It was easy to to see both outdoors and inside.

  5. Precision River 22/45 lite fiber optic front sights

    Posted by Richard Naumuk on Jan 2nd 2019

    Good fit. Works great. Helps old tired eyes shoot better. Good value. Would buy again.

  6. Stepped up clarity

    Posted by Jim on Jun 21st 2018

    Just installed the sights on my Ruger 22/45 lite. I changed the light pipe to green which suits me better
    the sight clarity improved drastically. 5 Star rating.

  7. Best fiber optic sight for ruger 22/45 lite

    Posted by Tony on May 28th 2018

    I ordered the .400 x .100 front sight for my mk4 22/45 lite. It’s the same exact height of the factory sight but also a significantly thinner blade so there will be a little bit of a gap in your sight picture when you use the factory rear sight, but I actually like it. The machining on it is excellent which makes for a nice clean sight picture. I also really like the way the fiber optic is held in place semi permenantly so you’ll never have to worry about it flying out. Also it glows really well in sunlight just like you’d expect. This is an essential upgrade to the mk4 over the flat black sights, it has made a huge difference in how well I can shoot it.

  8. Super sharp

    Posted by Jake on May 1st 2018

    Absolutely perfect. Very high quality product

  9. Awesome target sight!

    Posted by Orrin on Mar 21st 2018

    Excellent fit and finish, very easy install. As my eyesight declines with age, a narrower width front sight with fiber optic really improves my ability to get on target quickly and still shoot accurately. The 22/45 is a great gun, and Dawson Precision sights have made it better!